About Me

In 2020, I launched my brand from kayla. Since childhood, I loved creating my own designs and could often be found making crafts. Personally, my workspace and surroundings have a huge impact on my mental health. Recently, I found aromatherapy has worked wonders on my mood, stress levels and productivity. Thus, I ventured into creating my own unique candles.

All products are handmade by me and packed with love from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

When I'm not making candles, you can find me working my 9-5 in cancer care, doing pottery or hiking near Banff!

Thank you for supporting my creative passion and following me on my small business journey! You can find more personal content on my YouTube and Instagram accounts.


kayla ♡

who we are...


All candles are proudly handmade by Kayla (me) in Calgary, Canada.

After sourcing all materials, I melt the wax, add my secret fragrance and package your order. From start to finish, you are guaranteed a handcrafted, high quality candle.

Our Materials

All of my candles are hand poured in small batches. I only use natural and high quality, sustainable ingredients.

All scents are mixed by me, therefore they are unique to my store!

My creations are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic & sustainable.

Giving Back to the Community

Born and raised in Alberta, my goal is to partner with local suppliers. Therefore, all materials such as vessels, wicks, waxes and essential oils are sourced within Canada.

It's a win-win: you and I get to support locally owned shops and have a lower carbon footprint!

My Goal

I hope these candles can bring warmth and happiness to your home; whether that is connecting you with your childhood memories or introducing you to a world of new scents.